Tips for Getting Back to Normal After the Holidays

The holidays are filled with sweets, parties, decorating, get-togethers with family and friends, gift-giving, alcoholic beverages, school programs, shopping, and not a moment of silence. It’s the “most wonderful time of the year,” but it can also leave you exhausted and feeling out of sorts.

How can you resume healthy habits and get back to normal?

Take it One Day at a Time

The holiday season lacks structure. You won’t get back to normal overnight, so don’t plan on it! Set realistic expectations for after the holidays and take one step at a time with your schedule and responsibilities. If your house is in shambles, choose a few places to tackle each day. If you’re out of your workout routine, aim for a couple days of exercise each week instead of running to the gym every day. You will feel better when you are making progress, yet not overwhelmed with tasks.

Give Yourself Some Downtime

After so much social activity, it’s important to make time for rest. An afternoon lounging at home, time meditating, an evening spent reading your favorite book, and even napping can help you recover and rest from a busy season. Even the most social people need some downtime every once in a while. Take what you and your body need.

Prioritize Sleep

Late nights and early mornings are common during the holiday season. Taking a step back to make sure you’re getting enough sleep at night can be a game-changer. Minimize screen time and set a regular schedule for the times you go to bed and wake up. This should help you start feeling more refreshed and energized.

Clean Up Your Diet

If your holidays contained too mush sugar, fat, alcohol and calories, begin making some changes to improve your diet. But instead of focusing on cutting foods out of your diet, focus on what you can add in, such as lean proteins, fruits, vegetables, and more water. Give your body the balanced nutrition it needs and scale back on the “extras” by choosing them in moderation. This will also help improve your energy and how you feel throughout the day.

Don’t Fall into Gimmicks

As the holiday season ends, we are bombarded with information about new diets, exercise plans, and the latest and greatest health products. Take time to evaluate these items as they come up. If it’s too good to be true, it probably is. Quick fixes to your health are almost never the answer. Instead, nutrient-dense foods, movement, and overall balance in your lifestyle form the recipe for your ultimate success and wellbeing.

Still Plan for Fun

Don’t go from one hundred to zero. Find time for fun after the holidays as dark January days roll in. Social activities and going on adventures can help you make it through the long winter.

Think and Evaluate

Many people make New Year’s resolutions this time of year, or set their intentions for the year ahead. Take a look at where you are in all areas of your life and make note of where you want to be. In December, you can reflect on your progress and set new goals for 2024.

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