5 Considerations When Creating The Kitchen Of Your Dreams

Repair in the house is always a pleasant expectation of the result. But behind this, there is also a long choice of furniture, design, and style for everything to be perfect. The kitchen is one of the most expensive investments in an apartment. Someone saves, someone takes a loan. And before that comes the question: how to create the kitchen of your dreams?

First, you need to figure out what you enjoy. Look at the photos and decide on the style direction. Visit several stores with kitchen furniture, choose the manufacturer and the external appearance, or turn to https://hawaiitrustedrealty.com/builder/kitchen-renovation, which offers excellent solutions for interior design. And now, let’s understand what you should focus on to create your dream kitchen.


Even recently, popular tendencies in kitchen design are giving way to new trends with rapid speed. The choice of furniture for the kitchen plays a major role because everything must be comfortable. If we talk about a modern kitchen, it must meet the following criteria:

  • Simplicity. Designers of modern kitchen interiors don’t use many details and decoration luxuriance. Straight lines and a minimum of decor prevail.
  • Functionality. Each cupboard and shelf should be used to the maximum. By choosing such cabinetry, even the most cramped kitchen becomes comfortable and roomy.
  • Easy installation and disassembly. Modular kitchen furniture is in demand, which allows adding, removing, or rearranging individual elements depending on the clients’ needs.
  • Reliability and safety. Loads must be calculated in the kitchen cabinetry. Tables and drawers shouldn’t roll over or fall out when opened. In terms of materials, environmentally friendly is preferred.


Trends in interior design change every year, but to make repairs and renew rooms as often is hardly possible. So you need to focus on sustainable trends:

Mezzanine Cabinets

Unlike standard sets, mezzanine designs have an additional third level. In this way, they use the small free space between the upper edge of the cabinets and the ceiling. Thus you have more storage space and can save on finishes. Cleaning is also greatly simplified.

Common Space

The main idea here is unity. Don’t clutter the walls and partitions, not block the light, and not divide the room into small sections. It is especially important for small apartments, where you want to create the illusion of a spacious room.

The main problem is the sound and smells. But it can be solved with a powerful exhaust system and good ventilation.

Multiple Colors or Textures

Contrasting two-color sets are coming into trend. The classic option – a darker color in the lower part of the furniture, lighter – in the upper. But no one forbids breaking these canons. An even more interesting color pair will make a mix of textures. For example, stone and wood, marble and metal.



To make the minimalistic design use warm, diluted shades. Minimalist interiors work through calibrated shapes, depth of color, and a combination of textures. It is the textures that need special attention. Combine cool and warm textures, glossy and matte surfaces, etc.


Eco-style has become more of a concept than a set of stylistic labels. The key idea is the nature of all materials. On the top is wood or its eco-friendly analogs. It is all complemented by natural interior items – clay and ceramic dishes, accessories made of stone, and bamboo.


This style is characterized by the use of rough materials. These are concrete, metal, glass, artificial, or natural stone. The palette is mainly achromatic. Black, gray, and white are predominant. Sometimes deep shades of blue, purple, or brown are added to them.

Color Scheme

The top color schemes are:

  • Sandy. The most popular choice is a beige and light gray combo, which is further diluted with a white base or accents.
  • Sage and Olive. A natural palette cannot be imagined without green. This color in any expression immediately refreshes the decor and is perfect for the kitchen.
  • Variety of Blue. The predominance of cool shades of the ocean, storm clouds, indigo, the sky on a sunny day, soft blue, etc.


The style of the headset, curtains, appliances, and beautiful cookware depends on all of the above aspects. Before you buy the desired goods, it’s worth thinking about how well the purchase will fit in with the already existing stuff in the kitchen. There are several rules for selecting cookware for the kitchen:

  • matching style,
  • appropriateness of color,
  • ease of use,
  • durability and safety.

Based on these criteria and the chosen design, buy products and don’t forget about color combinations.

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