10 Tiny Pivots to Make Your Small Business More Effective

10 Tiny Pivots

You don’t always need to make huge changes in your business in order to grow. Sometimes, small pivots can be just as effective. Members of the online small business community understand what it takes to adapt and make incremental changes. Here are some of their top tips for those who want to start small.

Consider a Fractional CFO

Many small businesses cannot afford or simply do not need a full time CFO. However, having an individual dedicated to your finances can still be useful. That’s where a fractional CFO comes in. In this Acuity post, Matthew May goes over the concept for small businesses.

Conquer Your Video Fears and Get on Camera

Video marketing can be useful for nearly any business. But many small business owners and teams are afraid to actually face the camera. Pivoting your strategy in this way can pay major dividends. So if you’re ready to face your fears, read this Content Marketing Institute post by Dennis Shiao.

Adapt Your Human Resource Management with Big Data

If you have a team for your small business, you need human resource management systems. Big data offers plenty of opportunities for businesses to make these processes more efficient. But you need to understand their role. Sam O’Brien elaborates in this Small Biz Daily post.

Change When You Post on Social Media

If your social media strategy isn’t as effective as you’d like, you may be posting at the wrong times. In this Blogging Wizard post, Kim Locery details the best times to post on each site. And BizSugar members offered thoughts on the post here.

Adapt to the Instagram Algorithm in 2020

If you use Instagram for marketing, you’re no doubt familiar with the algorithm. Though these changes may be frustrating, small businesses have no control over them. So it’s best to accept the changes and pivot your strategy accordingly. Julia Miashkova explains how in this Search Engine Watch post.

Improve Your Email Marketing Campaigns

If you’ve run a small business for years, you almost certainly use email marketing. But it’s very possible you haven’t updated your strategy in years. To adapt to today’s customers, check out the tips in this Marketing Land post by Rodric Bradford.

Create Better Content with These Tools

Tons of businesses already use content marketing with great success. But there are always options for improving content. And there are tools to help you accomplish this. Ivan Widjaya lays out some of them in this Biz Penguin post.

Upgrade Your Web Design

Web design trends are constantly evolving. So if you want your brand to appear current, you need to upgrade your strategy regularly. In this Smallbiztechnology.com post, James Baier offers some trends that small businesses should know.

Let Your Personality Shine

For years, many business owners have kept their personal and company brands separate. But your personal brand could actually be an asset to your business. Rachel Strella of Strella Social media goes over how this small pivot can help here. Once you’ve read the post, head over to BizSugar to see even more discussion.

Use Advanced SEO Tactics to Drive More Traffic to Your Website

You probably already use some form of SEO to market your business online. But if you want to get even more traffic, you need to upgrade your tactics. In this UpCity post, Pratik Kothari shares eight advanced strategies to consider.

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