Experts give tips on how to help children with remote learning for upcoming school year

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Experts give tips on how to help children with remote learning for

upcoming school year

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) – A recent study shows that over 50% of parents found remote learning more difficult and is giving five tips to improve social distancing learning for the next school year.

A recent study from Gallup shows about 56% of American parents found remote difficult was more difficult for their household, including 16% that found it “very difficult.”

Gallup says with major safety concerns over what type of schooling will take place in the fall of 2020, Rebecca Gramuglia, Consumer Expert at has given five tips to make remote learning more effective:

Upgrade internet provider. Gramuglia says with millions of people working and learning from home, many experience small problems with home internet providers. She says if the problems persist, change or upgrade internet plans. She says to look for deals from providers and sometimes simply purchasing a better router makes a difference.

New laptop/electronics. Gramuglia says upgrading electronics before heading back to school is always smart, but it’s especially important to ensure children have the best laptop and gadgets to make remote learning easier. She says to start by asking children what supplies they need or want and if they prefer pen and paper, get a scanner so they can hand in their work without a problem. She says a good way to save money on new gadgets is to shop on cashback sites like to earn a percentage of purchases back in cashback from retailers.

Set up a “school/classroom” area at home. Gramuglia says many adults have a specific work area at home where they get some quiet, and it’s important a similar space be created for children. She says kids thrive at remote learning in a quiet and comfortable space that is strictly devoted to school time. She says this space should be away from where kids normally play games or watch television and establishing a school area or classroom area will also help create a much-needed routine while learning from home.

Trust the teachers. Gramuglia says before providing children with supplemental work, stick to what their teachers require. She says to trust that educators are providing children with all they need and remember, many teachers are still trying to figure out the best system for remote learning. She says parents may also want to schedule check-ins with teachers to stay informed on their children’s progress.

Purchase face masks/protective gear. Gramuglia says as of right now, most schools haven’t finalized plans for the start of the 2020-2021 school year in the fall, so, where’s children will be headed to school full or part-time, parents should make sure they have everything needed to stay safe. She says to purchase a few comfortable face masks, hand sanitizer and gloves now rather than later and not to forget to practice safety protocols while at home so they become habits.

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