20 Clever Garage Organization Ideas to Clear the Chaos

Turn your cluttered garage into an oasis of organization.

Of all the storage spaces in our homes, our garages are perhaps the most susceptible to devolving into chaos—and the one most in need of garage organization ideas. After all, they have to do so much for us: store our cars, hide our tools, stash our sporting equipment, act as an entry to our homes—the list goes on. Perhaps that’s why we’re all always chasing the ever-elusive organized garage of our dreams.

Well, we’re here to tell you: that dream doesn’t have to feel far off. There are plenty of great garage storage systems out there. To help you along on your quest for peak garage organization, we’ve rounded up the most genius garage organization ideas out there. From taking advantage of ceiling space (really!) to ingenious hacks for storing workout gear, you’ll find all the inspiration you need to completely revamp your garage into a functional (and maybe even fun!) space.

1. Add a “Floating” Shelf

      When it comes to your garage, there’s only so much floor space to be had—especially if you’re storing cars inside as well. That’s why professional organizer Tink Fisher of Clean House added overhead storage space in this garage. A durable metal shelf suspended from the ceiling houses infrequently-used items, like shop vacs and folding picnic tables.

      2. Create a Rake Rack

      You’ve probably seen how handy a hat rack or coat rack can be in your mudroom, right? Well, why not apply that same principle to your garage? Rakes, shovels, and brooms are natural fits for this storage method, as demonstrated in this garage by Allison Fisher of Bee Organized. With this garage organization idea in place, there’s a spot for every single dust pan, shovel, and Swiffer.

      3. Mock Up a Mudroom

      If your garage leads right into the heart of your home, you may find yourself wishing for a mudroom to help with the transition. Well, we have good news—you can still set up a really beautiful one, even if it’s not a separate room. Design blogger Erin Gerlach of Hamilton Park Home did just that in her garage, adding a convenient bench and installing board and batten on the walls to mimic the look—and coziness—of a true mudroom.

      4. Streamline Your Containers

      Everything looks better when packaged in matching containers—it’s just a fact of life. The perfect example? This uber-organized garage from Madeline Wood. The Form and Function Organizing pro packaged everything from holiday decor and kids’ costumes to camp gear and lawn essentials into uniform blue plastic tubs to make a visually pleasing display in a client’s garage. Safely tuck away your backup ice maker in the garage instead of wasting precious storage space in the kitchen.

      5. Create a Mini Locker Room

      If you’re a family of sports aficionados, chances are you have a lot of gear to contend with. Instead of letting it float around your entire garage (and your house), create a mini locker room in the corner of your garage, as Gladiator demonstrates here. From a handy slat board where you can hang skates, gym bags, and helmets, to a storage bench that acts as the perfect place to prep for practice, athletes big and small will feel like total pros.

      6. Add Dynamic Built-Ins

      Families both big and small need solid organizational systems in place to keep life running smoothly. If you have the space, try adding faux built-ins that boast a section for each family member, like the Indiana-based organizational team behind Seamless Spaces Professional Organizers did. The modular cubbies give each child hanging storage for coats and backpacks, a top cabinet for supplies, and a lower basket for their outdoor gear. With this garage organization idea in action, you’ll no longer roll over a rogue scooter or basketball every time you try to pull into the garage.

      7. Mix Open and Closed Storage

      There is no one perfect solution for garage storage, and often it ends up being a combination of a few things that help whip your space into shape. If you’re stuck between a few different storage solutions, make like bloggers Viv and Tim, who relied on IKEA’s Bror shelving units to provide them with open and closed storage in their garage. The result? A comprehensive system that allows you to quickly grab and go with some items—and keep others out of sight.

      8. Hang Some Handy French Cleats

      For flexible storage that looks stylish and caters to your every need, look no further than the French cleat. Basically a bracketed wall system that allows for modular storage, French cleats are a great option if you’re looking for a storage solution that will adapt as your needs change. Erin Gerlach from Hamilton Park Home made this impressive system herself and uses it to house her family’s outdoor gear and sports equipment.

      9. Create a Dedicated Workspace

      If you’re a DIY fan, don’t you think you deserve a spot to work that is both functional and organized? Us too. Instead of scattering your tools throughout your garage and popping up a workstation wherever there’s room, set yourself up for success by dedicating a corner of your garage to your “shop.” Here, Chris and Julia Marcum—the duo behind the popular interiors blog Chris Loves Julia—show the transformative power of a few cabinets and butcher block countertops, morphing their garage into a work zone for their many DIY projects.

      10. Store (and Charge) Your Tools in One Spot

      Garages are commonly a catchall spot for tools, so it’s inevitable that, at one point or another, you’ll be missing a charger or mixing up battery packs between your power drills. Eliminate the risk of tool commotion by storing—and charging—your gear all in one place. This genius storage piece was handmade by Cristina Garay of RemodelaCasa and serves as an all-in-one spot to both store and charge her wide selection of power tools.

      11. Post Up a Pegboard

      We’re calling it now: Pegboards are one of the most versatile garage organization ideas out there. Case in point: The very tidy garage of blogger Corey Willis from Hey There Home. She chose to hang a pegboard (among many other smart garage organization ideas—peep that “floating” shelf!) by her garage entry for an easy and convenient place to stash commonly used tools and gadgets. Translation: You’ll never have to hunt down the measuring tape again.

      12. Set Up a Workout Zone

      Garages have many uses, and we’re not here to assume everyone is housing their tools (or their cars) inside. Many people choose to convert their garage into another workable space for their home, like an office or home gym. Such is the case with this workout zone organized by pro Jen Robin of Life in Jeneral. She used everything from bike hooks to baskets to hold workout gear for a home gym that’s stocked with all the essentials.

      13. Make Cleaning a Breeze

      Don’t want to store all your cleaning supplies inside the house, where they can be found by curious pets or kids? No worries—why not create a cleaning station in your garage instead? That’s what Abby Lawson of Abby Organizes did in her garage. The pro organizer set up a basin sink and posted up all her cleaning supplies nearby for a one-stop cleaning shop that is out of sight until it’s needed.

      14. Create a Garage Shoe Corral

      Shoe storage is always at a premium. Jenna Corder of Organize It But Make It Pretty used a wide shelf to hold a family’s worth of shoes—and make it easy to find the exact pair you need. (Bonus: It encourages your family to take their shoes off before they enter the house, to help keep your floors cleaner.)

      15. Add Storage for the Things You Love

      Your garage can store more than just tools, pantry items, and old paint. James Malone of Going Up Building and Remodels designed this wine cellar section within a garage space—but recommends making sure that your garage is well insulated to avoid temperature swings that could harm your wine.

      16. Sort by Activity

      Create dedicated spaces for each of your pastimes, and group everything you need together. This storage unit from Häfele can keep golf balls, clubs, and even shoes together so you can grab and go to hit the links faster.

      17. Think Vertically

      Free up valuable garage floor space by moving as many items as possible onto the walls or other spots. Designer Victoria Leone of Optimized Therapy opted to hang bikes on the wall to keep them safely stowed until the next ride—alongside helmets, beach folding chairs, and other outdoor gear.

      18. Use Labeling to Make It Easy to Find Stuff

      Make it simple to find exactly what you need with a clear labeling system. (Use large lettering like Corder did so you can see what’s inside the top-most bins without breaking out the ladder.)

      19. Make It Easy for Kids to Use

      Open and easy-to-see storage makes it simpler for them to find what they’re looking for–without dumping out every bin for that basketball.

      20. Move Storage Away from the Wall

      For this garage renovation, garage designers Garage Flex opted to create a center island with plenty of storage that helps separate the garage into a car space and work and storage space.

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